Saturday, December 15, 2012

Have not posted anything in a while! This break from school, I'm dedicating a lot of my time to getting some new landscape photos. The best part of landscape is visiting all of these great places. This whole year I have taken so many landscape photos and it is definitely hard to choose a favorite because they all bring me to a memory of how I shot it and the adventure to getting to the location. If I had to pick one favorite it is definitely the cliff overlooking Lake Jocassee. I couldn't get enough of that view. We sat on that cliff for about an hour and a half and even that wasn't long enough to take in everything. Every so often you'd see a boat down in one of the coves or an eagle flying below. We were so high up! I was so happy to get a great sunset from that trip. Another photo I shot this fall was a waterfall near Brevard, NC. The water was freezing but I decided to get the shot I wanted, I'd have to get in. Feet were numb for a while but I thought it was worth it after getting the photo I thought was the best from that location. I'd love to get some snow photos this winter and head back to the mountains and find some new locations or re-visit some old ones and get a different perspective. We'll see what comes from the next few months but I hope I get some photos worth adding to the landscape collection!

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